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Blogging at 0 dark hundred

By • Jul 31st, 2008 • Category: gened, General Technology, Howard Bloom, memes, memetics, nature, popular science, Research, results

To begin: some preliminary stuff from my summer research.  I haven’t gone through the tests yet (and I still have some data to enter), but it looks like we are not going to get a lot of significant results for what I’ve done so far.  The effect we are getting  is 3 to 4 times […]

Morbid Dispute

By • Jul 30th, 2008 • Category: anthropology, dogs, Honors Thesis, Research

A couple weeks ago, my roommate and I got into an argument over how morbid/strange my research topic is. I think this was in part brought on by my complaints of “Oh my God I don’t care about arrow heads or the stupid trash pits! Where are the bodies?” Finding dead dogs can be difficult […]

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William Shakespeare: Visionary Marxist?

By • Jul 24th, 2008 • Category: China, Chinese Language, Comparative literature, Cultural Revolution, General Technology, Mao, Marxism, performance studies, Research, Shakespeare, Tiananmen Square, translation

In this post I’m going to attempt to summarize the brief chronology of Shakespeare in Mainland China before and after Mao’s presidency.
The idea that one of the greatest English writers of all time is being simultaneously praised as a Marxist is astounding to most Western critics. However the technique of retrospectively varnishing philosophies onto Shakespeare […]

Let us go, then, you and I…

By • Jul 22nd, 2008 • Category: Honors Thesis, intros, Research, Ww and the OT

I’d really love to be one of those people who can dream up a snappy title for the first entry in a new ‘blog. Barring sudden inspiration, however, I’ll continue to lean heavily on T.S. Eliot for all things titular. It’s a cheesy, English major-y thing to do, but so be it. I suppose introductions–to […]

A Post on Paper

By • Jul 22nd, 2008 • Category: Bibliography, Honors Thesis, Paper, Parnassus, Research, Returne from Pernassus, Thesis

I promised a post about the production of paper and its usefulness in bibliography. Here is a description, lifted from a draft of my thesis: Before the advent of machinery in the 1800s, paper was a handmade object created by dipping a mould into a vat of pulp, known as stuff. The mould consists of […]

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Introduction to 莎士比亚 (William Shakespeare)

By • Jul 20th, 2008 • Category: , China, Chinese Language, Comparative literature, General Technology, performance studies, Research, Shakespeare, translation

Hello! My name is Megan and I am very excited to contribute to the exciting blogs already publishing information about undergraduate research. In this post I hope to give a brief overview of my project and the questions it usually raises.
I am an English and Theater major entering my junior year at William & […]

Inspiration, or lack thereof

By • Jul 17th, 2008 • Category: anthropology, archaeology, background research, dog, Honors Thesis, Research, thesis topic

I can be indecisive to the point of making other people help me pick what to order from menus or throwing my hands up and pleading ignorance when it comes time to choose a restaurant. But when I know what I want, I really know. I’ve known since I was eight or so that I […]

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My Textual History, or, How I Became Involved in Research and Started Losing My Hair pt. V

By • Jul 15th, 2008 • Category: Bibliography, Bindings, Collators, Editing, Honors Thesis, Manuscripts, Paper, Parnassus, Printing, Research, Return from Parnassus, Thesis, William and Mary

I now move on to the main part of my research experience, which has consumed the past three years of my life. Beginning my sophomore year, I began working with a play entitled The Return from Parnassus (I often refer to it in its original form—The Returne from Pernassus, or just Returne). Two other students […]

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A Thesis in Search of an Adviser

By • Jul 15th, 2008 • Category: Adviser, advising, Charles Center, China, Honors Thesis, Research, Thesis, William and Mary

All my plans were disrupted by my year abroad in China. I had taken the Junior Honors Seminar in spring 07, with a plan to write my thesis during the 07-08 school year. I had an adviser lined up who was interested in and knowledgeable about my project. But then China came and no thesis […]

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On Ups and Downs

By • Jul 15th, 2008 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

I have found that in research there are highs and lows and lows and lows and a low you think is a high and a high and more lows. The good news is it’s worth it: Discovery evokes the feeling of staring out over the edge of the known world; it’s an electrifying kind of […]

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