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Representations of women in teen vampire culture 2010-07-29 16:58:57

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Blog 1
Hi everyone! I’ll be posting three blogs for your edification this week, to tell you what I’ve been doing with my research, and how it’s been going. To start off, I thought I’d go into a bit of detail on the first steps of the research process: basically, how you take a research proposal, […]

And the editing ends…

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A research project is never complete. News breaks constantly and I’ve had to update my paper many times as some fundamental arguments were strengthened/weakened. If I have any advice for my fellow peers is to run a Google News search on your topic weekly to make sure you know everything that has changed since you were last there.

3 Weeks, 3 Homes

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The final week of what has been a seemingly long and overwhelmingly hot summer in Williamsburg has finally arrived. I am glad to have accomplished my research project goal for the summer in Williamsburg, which was to specialize my research topic enough so that my 3 weeks of fieldwork in China next month can be […]

The Clue in the Dust-Covered Will

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Hello! My name is Libby Neidenbach, and I am a PhD candidate in the American Studies program. This summer I am living in New Orleans for seven weeks to conduct archival research for my dissertation. For the past five weeks I have split my time between the Notarial Archives, the Historic New Orleans Collection, and […]

Post 2: Ligation and Transformation

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Hello All!! After several weeks of DNA extractions, I finally moved on to the next steps in my thesis research!! The end goal of my thesis project is to create a detailed profile of the bacterial communities in Lake Matoaka … Continue reading

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