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Robert Kennedy and his Meaning to Humanity

By • May 31st, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

As I wind up this third week of research, I have learned a lot and had many preconceptions overturned. I have read a handful of different secondary sources, trying to find the question that I really want to focus on tackling. The reach of Robert Kennedy’s thought and actions was not contained solely to those within…
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Abstract: The Role of the Individual in International Relations

By • May 30th, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

My research will explore the role of the individual in international relations by exploring and analyzing the effects former US presidents have had on international relations. This is in an attempt to isolate what variables may make one more or less su…

Off to a Good Start

By • May 30th, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

It’s been a crazy week-and-a-half so far.  I’ve been focusing on laying the foundation for my project.  In order to do this, I needed to sift through Fairfield Plantation’s artifact catalog to sort prehistoric contexts from historic artifacts.  This catalog is a complete list of (most) units excavated at Fairfield.  To put this in perspective, […]

Medieval Warfare Simulation: Week 2 Update

By • May 29th, 2013 • Category: history, Honors Thesis, Research

Well, I thought this week was going to be devoted to the researching and creation of army lists.  However, that was not to be the case.  Instead, I spent the last week or so working on developing a website!   Creating a website was not easy as I had never attempted anything like this before… [Continue Reading]

The climb begins

By • May 29th, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

Perspective is an amazing thing.  I came to our house in Mbale from Charlottesville (well, from London specifically), so bucket showers every other day, unreliable power, one mini fridge, and two bathrooms for 15 people seemed far from the lap of luxury.  But stepping through the gate into our compound today I felt exactly as… [Continue Reading]

A Benedictine take on environmental theology

By • May 29th, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

This is my first blog post this summer, and my project is a survey of Catholic environmental theology. I have spent the last couple weeks reading quite a few different books, articles, and encyclicals by many authors, and I still have many more to go. Rather than go into all the details of each author’s… [Continue Reading]

Rain, rain, you’re welcome here!

By • May 29th, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

McGlothlin Hall- Williamsburg, Virginia Yes, I want it to rain! That rain will be collected to quantify the amount of Sodium-22 in precipitation. Sodium-22 is a naturally occurring radioactive isotope of sodium which is formed in the atmosphere when ga…

The Lines are Blurred: Update 1

By • May 29th, 2013 • Category: Economics, Honors Thesis, Research

Hey Everyone!  Even though I wrote about my concept in my abstract, I’m going to try to re-explain it a little bit here without using too much economics lingo.  I just ended my second week of work and wrapped up my literature review on my topic. I am looking into “economic queues” which is econ… [Continue Reading]

A New Direction – First Project Update

By • May 29th, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

Finally, two and a half weeks into my summer research, I have refocused my paper and have begun the writing process! During the past few weeks, I bounced around from idea to idea, refining my the main argument of my project as I went. Initially, I had …

Settled into Blantyre: Let the prep work begin!

By • May 29th, 2013 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

I’ve had a great first week in Blantyre preparing for my study! In my first few days of working at clinics in Malawi, I have been able to observe some interesting social dynamics related to child feeding and hygiene. As I had expected, most of the children have been brought in by their mothers (and […]