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Oh dear

By • Mar 30th, 2010 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

I realized yesterday that I am not meant to do great things for one simple reason: I am not willing (or able) to pull all-nighters. Not even my feeble attempts throughout college have had success. Usually if I try it, I sleep for at least two hours i…

Vindication tastes like oranges and peaches

By • Apr 6th, 2009 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

This weekend I went to the Colonial Academic Alliance conference held at Towson with a group of students from WM to present/share our work with other undergraduates from the 12 schools in the Alliance.  Now, I’m not at all a social person – very much the introvert, confidence issues etc – but when I go […]

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Pas trop satisfiant…

By • Mar 30th, 2009 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

… mais ça suffit. I have officially finished typing my thesis (YAY!). But, alas, being a Monday, I now have to do more homework – and tomorrow I have to create the Bibliography, edit all the footnotes, add some in just-in-case, and do a final breeze-over before sending it down the pipe to my Director. […]

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The end of the tunnel

By • Mar 25th, 2009 • Category: About, Honors Thesis, Research

It either speaks poorly of me, or honestly of the way this semester’s been going: Apparently, I have two fewer weeks to work on my thesis than I’d assumed.  *Doh.* Chapter Five is now mostly written.  There are gaps in the text where I’ve made notes for myself about what to write later.  I’m not […]

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Hesitancy, but no pause

By • Mar 21st, 2009 • Category: Honors Thesis, Quebec, Research

I think I have made it through the night.  [[God, I hope so.]]  The similarities of dusk and dawn, to the casual observer like me, could be playing tricks on me, but I do not have time to question it.  Thus, with hesitancy, I say “Moving on…” The workload of the last two months of […]

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Life plays dirty

By • Mar 17th, 2009 • Category: About, Honors Thesis, Research

“When it rains it pours.” A similar truth played out in Williamsburg over spring break, raining for going on six days and still a little chilly. And in my life, … oh man. I won’t get into it, but let me tell you it’s a doozy. I will have lots of stories to tell when […]

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By • Mar 2nd, 2009 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

My goal had been to have all six main chapters written by now, so that I could have a full month for revisions.  Instead, I’ve got all but two chapters (of seven) written for my thesis.  I’m largely satisfied with my progress.  Granted, there is work to be done on the written ones, and there […]

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History versus political science

By • Feb 16th, 2009 • Category: About, Honors Thesis, Research

I have been pondering lately, among other things, the great difference between political science and history.  Partly I am nervous about the Long Wait to hear back about my three grad school applications.  (Should I have applied to multiple programs at UBC Vancouver?  Should I have applied to Berkeley like I wanted to?  And general […]

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Suitcase and etiquette

By • Feb 13th, 2009 • Category: Honors Thesis, Nationalism, Quebec, Research

I came to a realization this week, or rather, I came to an analogy.  My thesis is like a suitcase.  An overstuffed suitcase.  In fact, I think there’s even a kitchen sink stuffed into this suitcase, so overstuffed is it.  I’ve been writing my second chapter, in which I examine the development of Quebec national […]

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By • Feb 3rd, 2009 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

I don’t know why, but I’m pretty good at working myself up about things.  Call it a family trait [[To show why “geekiness” made it on the list: one summer reunion, we actually developed a list…]] that I’ve inherited from both sides.  However, as I was contemplating (more like moping) if I should keep trudging […]

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