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Lately… (Summer Research and Classes)

By • Jun 2nd, 2012 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research, Thesis

So I’ve been granted free research housing at the College for the summer (an easy process that requires turning in a 1 page form). I, however, seem to be the only person here for the summer that is attempting to do both research and classes (who knew?)! I’m finishing up my final science GER (by taking…
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Research/Trip to the Met

By • Jun 2nd, 2012 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

Good evening all! I’ve been researching prodigiously, though I feel I’ll always be behind. Somehow there are endless books (stacks and stacks of books and articles) that I will never be able to sift through in time. However, the research is…

India, art history, Amrita–Oh my!

By • May 7th, 2012 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

I’m so excited to be funded to pursue my research interests this summer! I will be studying the work of Amrita Sher-Gil in light of specific European modernists via in depth research in the library, study of works in New York, and potentially other key sites in America, as well as the work of Amrita Sher-Gil…
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A Summer with Amrita

By • Apr 27th, 2012 • Category: Honors Thesis, Research

Good afternoon supporters of W&M research, and welcome to the blog of a burgeoning art historian.  As I approach graduate school, and move away from the forgiving embrace of college life, independent research projects like this one are extremely i…