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Finally…… PICTURES

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Site pictures

By • Jun 21st, 2009 • Category: Honors Thesis, pictures, Research

 Here are some pictures I took during a recent trip to scout the Bristoe Station Battlefield location: Field at Bristoe Station :I was excited to find that the elements of nature on the battfield are not noticabley landscaped…I forsee some great shots of soldiers running through the high grass… Hill at Bristoe :This is the hill where McIntosh’s […]

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There is also no texting plan

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Good news: it looks like I have just one more day crunching numbers in the lab before I can start writing it all up.  I have 112 participants and solid p values (and what else do you really need?).
Bad news: I was under the impression that I was to produce an 8 to 10 page […]

Waiting for replies

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Over the past week I have been continuing my research which has resulted in draft forms of historical narratives for both Brentsville and Ben Lomond.  Friday, Jan 2, I went back out to Manassas and met with Mr. Burgess, who is a NPS employee there.  He showed me to their upstairs research room.  He looked […]

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Pictures from Ben Lomond

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Here are some pictures of the Ben Lomond site.  The first is the front of the house, the second is of the historical marker and the third is the first floor main hallway where I plan to do some filming.

You poor unfortunate souls

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I am giving a talk on my research this Saturday, Sept.  27 at 1:20p in the York Room at the Sadler Center (the session starts at 1p, so be polite and come early).  I am a lot more enigmatic in person, so don’t let this blog dissuade you from showing up.  Here is a preview […]

Since, apparently, I am not very good at this…

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Here is a little article that Ideation wrote about me.  I’m about halfway down the page.  I only know about that they put it online because I had to have my picture taken for it this afternoon.  In the middle of the session I started laughing (I should point out here that I avoid the […]