Dintersmith and Honors Fellows

These projects have received funding through the Dintersmith and WM Honors Fellowships to conduct pre-Honors research in summer 2010. Click on the student’s name to access the research blog.

Brent Bickings, Religious Studies: Ancient Synagogues as Indicators of the Nature and Extent of Jewish-Gentile Interaction in the Roman Empire (Honors Fellowship)
Brittney Calloway, Interdisciplinary Studies: Exploring Effective Discipline Strategies for Middle Schools (Honors Fellowship)
Elena Carey, Anthropology: A Grid of Meaning: The Significance of Zoning in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Dintersmith Fellowship)
Amy Clinger, Interdisciplinary Studies: An Ethnography and Exploration of the Social Marginalization and Stigmatization of Unwed Single Mothers in Rabat, Morocco (Dintersmith Fellowship)
Brittany Fallon, Anthropology: Toward a Greater Enrichment: The Importance of Natural Context, Stability, and Collaboration in Captive Primate Welfare (Honors Fellowship)
Brian Focarino, Linguistics: The Language of Consumerism: What the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents Tells Us About Foreign Language Assumptions in Trademark Law (Honors Fellowship)
Meredith Howard, History: Uncovering Codice L. 3: A Cultural, Legal and Religious Examination of the Zugarramurdi Witch-Hunts, 1609-1612 (Dintersmith Fellowship)
Delores Huberts, Biology: The genetics and genomics of inter- and intra- population variations in disease rates: a look at the interplay between ancestral continent of origin, sex, genes and differential expression (Honors Fellowship)
Sam McVane, Classical Studies: The Bare Necessities: Ancient Eastern Ascetics in Western Literature (Dintersmith Fellowship)
Sean Moran, Geology: The Paleoecology, Taphonomy, and Depositional Environment of Microvertebrate Accumulations in the Cloverly Formation (Early Cretaceous, WY) (Honors Fellowship)
Benjamin Norris, English: An American Troubadour: The Career and Role of Alfred Kreymborg (Honors Fellowship)
Michael Smith, Modern Languages and Literatures¬†: Haussmann’s Political Promenades: A Literary History of the Reconstruction of Paris (Honors Fellowship)
Jean-Paul Wallace, Music: Constructing a classical guitar with interchangable fret-boards (Dintersmith Fellowship)