One way of supporting undergraduate research is to make it easier for students in honors programs to publish working papers or their final projects in a way that will get wider exposure than the traditional practice of placing hard copy in stacks of the library. The Charles Center has partnered with Swem Library and the Office of Information Technology to allow honors theses and other undergraduate research to be stored in an digital repository, much like the one recently established to house the work of Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences at Harvard. (See this article
for more information on the Harvard decision.)

William and Mary’s repository is located at http://dspace.swem.wm.edu/dspace/. To access the honors project space, click on Research @ William and Mary .When you arrive at the undergraduate research community entry page, you have the opportunity to either read the work of other authors or to upload your own work. There are two steps to submitting your work to the repository.

  • Prepare Your Document to Upload
  • Upload Your Document

Your Account on DSpace

If you are registered for departmental honors for this semester, you will already have an account created on the digital repository. You can edit your profile or sign up to receive email alerts from the main login page. (You can also use RSS to subscribe to any updates the community repository.

Prepare Your Document to Upload

If your project is completed, you can upload your paper in digital format (probably PDF), though the repository will accept a wide range of digital products.. If you need help with preparing your PDF, see the following article:

How to Print to PDF without Expensive Software.

Upload to the Digital Repository

When your paper project is ready to share with the world–either in final form or as a working paper–you can upload it to the community site. Enter the community site as usual.

  1. Click on “My DSpace”.
  2. Enter your William and Mary email address and your DSpace password.
  3. Click on Start a New Submission
  4. From the Collection dropdown menu select “Honors Theses” and click “Next >”>
  5. Complete the next form only if the item has more than one title or more than one file. Most submissions will not need this. Just click “Next >”.
  6. The next description page is where you enter the information about your project, including the information about your thesis advisor and any members of your committee. Be sure to select the degree level and department. When you’re done click next.
  7. In the final description screen, you assign some subject keywords and paste in your abstract.
  8. Click “Browse” and select the file to upload.
  9. The system will give you a chance to confirm that you’ve selected the correct file and that it’s in the right format. If everything is OK click “Next >”
  10. Always the nag, the system gives you one more chance to make sure that all the data is correct. (This is a good opportunity to make sure that you spelled your advisors name correctly. If everything looks OK, click “Next >” again. This will bring up the license agreement.
  11. Read the license information. If you agree with the terms, click on “I Grant the License.” Your submission will be reviewed by the library staff and you will be notified by email when it’s been officially added to the collection.