Student Research Grants

The purpose of Student Research Grants (SRGs) is to assist students with expenses directly related to the conduct of research.

Funding for SRGs comes from two sources: the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and the Reves Center for International Studies. The funds from the Vice Provost are open to any continuing undergraduate or graduate student. Because there is a limited amount of funding available and a large number of worthy applications, more than $300 will rarely be approved. Reves Center funds are reserved for students with financial need who are conducting research abroad. These grants may be up to $500. Students are encouraged to work with their advisor to actively solicit funding from other sources if it is likely that their research expenditure will exceed these limits. Click here for complete information and the application form.

Undergraduate grant recipients must blog about their research on the POUR website. These students are currently blogging about their work.

* = funding provided by the Reves Center for International Studies

SuRGe: Official Blog for Undergraduate SRG recipients

*Christina Dang, Experimental and Field Studies of a Harmful Algal Bloom Species off the Coast of Vietnam