Summer 2010

These students have summer research funding from the Charles Center and are blogging about their work. Scroll down for freshman and upperclass Monroe Scholar and Sharpe projects.

Ishita Ahmed, Charles Center International Scholarship
Anne Armstrong, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Amir Arsalan, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Matthew Badgett, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Evette Becker, Sharpe Scholarship
Brent Bickings, Honors Fellowship
Devin Braun, Chappell Fellowship
Amber Bruce, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Kacie Burke, Cummings Scholarship
Brittney Calloway, Honors Fellowship
Elena Carey, Dintersmith Fellowship
Lindsey Carver, Sharpe Scholarship
Amy Clinger, Dintersmith Fellowship
Michael Cohen, Tang Scholarship
Molly Copeland, Chappell Fellowship
Krysten Corzo, Cummings Scholarship
Chelsea Estancona, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Brittany Fallon, Charles Center International Scholarship
Brian Focarino, Honors Fellowship
Harry Gao, Chappell Fellowship
Rebecca Garcia, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Benjamin Gullickson, Charles Center International Scholarship
John Haight, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Dana Hardbower, Chappell Fellowship
Daniel Hiller, Sharpe Scholarship
Jeffrey Holloman, Llanso-Sherman Scholarship for Pre-Medical Research
Meredith Howard, Dintersmith Fellowship
Dolores Huberts, Honors Fellowship
Ashley Ingram, Schroeder Center Research Fellowships
Eytan Jankowitz, Schroeder Center Research Fellowships
Jennifer Joyce, Charles Center International Scholarship
Yong Hwan Kim, Biomath Scholarship
Jacob Lassin, Chappell Fellowship
Stephen Lendway, James B. Reilly Undergraduate Summer Scholarship
Casey Lesser, Chloe Louis Memorial Scholarship
Anna Mahalak, Harriet Mayor Fulbright Scholarship
Morrison Mast, Charles Center International Scholarship
Sam McVane, Dintersmith Fellowship
Sam Moran, Honors Fellowship
Anna Morris, Sharpe Scholarship
William Morris, Sharpe Scholarship
Irene Morrison-Moncure, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Khristopher Nguyen, Charles Center International Scholarship
Benjamin Norris, Honors Fellowship
Barry O’Keefe, Charles Center International Scholarship
Matthew Peppe, Biomath Scholarship
Arati Pudasaini, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Anushya Ramaswamy, Charles Center International Scholarship
Jennifer Saunders, Chappell Fellowship
Mariangela Schneider, Charles Center International Scholarship
Michael Smith, Honors Fellowship
Sarah Son, Cummings Scholarship
Christopher Sowers, Cummings Scholarship
Mel Sparrow, Christopher Wren Scholarship for Research in the Humanities
Andrew Squires, Christian-Ewell Scholarship
Austin Strange, Charles Center International Scholarship
Ruoyan Sun, Biomath Scholarship
Aniko Toth, Chappell Fellowship
Jean Paul Wallace, Dintersmith Fellowship
Nick Wamsley, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Mason Watson, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Joanna Weeks, Sharpe Scholarship
Courtney Wickel, Charles Center Domestic Scholarship
Nora Wicks, Cummings Scholarship

Freshman Monroe Scholars are blogging at this site.

Upperclass Monroe Scholars are blogging at this site.